My Question is with in PACK 13 it does not work. I downloaded and cannot open the .ani file within toon boom pro so how do I get this to work?

Any one else feel that the exercise files are great but poorly organized?

I am not hating by any means I think it is amazing everything that is provided for us to learn and figure out there software. Its amazing tutorials with files.

Also it would have been nice if they didnt complete the exercise files for us. Its kind of pointless when you open it and everything is done already. Would have been a lot better if they just saved the exercise file right before they did the tutorial and then uploaded the fresh one before finishing, saving, and uploading the completed exercise file.

any word?

Hi Timothy,

I’ve passed on the feedback to the team. We’re double-checking the sample material now to see if there’s a problem.


They did double-check all the sample materials to make sure that they are working. They should be in the format .tbup, which can be opened in Animate 2, Animate 2 PLE, Animate Pro 2, and Animate Pro 2 PLE.

For the completeness factor, usually they do put in there in-progress files as well as complete ones. If for any reason a particular pack doesn’t have an incomplete one, you could always take the material from the previous pack, since they all build up on top of each other.