Excessive export load time?

Just wondering if there are any particular causes for a long load time when “quick previewing”. I have a single character drawn with a bone skeleton set up. When I did a 4 sec clip of him extending his arm and rotating his wrist it took a good 15-20 minutes to load. Just now I have tried to do a quick preview of him with no animation at all and it still took 5 mins.

I quickly drew an oval with a bone setup to establish a joint and gave it several movements. Took no time to load at all.

I don’t have a slow computer :-/… is there anything it could be?

It also appears to have not included the fill in colour for the head. It appears in drawing view, and not in camera view, nor the exported .mov file. :-/

If your oval drawing works, so should your simple vector character drawing…

To see what is causing the long preview time, you can send a sample scene containing that character to support@toonboom.com

Please mention your operating system, processor and graphic card.