Excellent Harmony tutorials!!!

I found some great tutorials by a professional animator named Kyu-bum Lee. He really knows his stuff and gives lots of good tips on building a character from scratch, rigging, setting up a scene, animating, etc. Very detailed and in depth. He also shares a document with his preferred shortcuts. Check it out!


thanks very much :slight_smile:

where i can study about script toonboom harmony?

Thanks for the link, Exactly what I´ve been looking for!


yeah these are really nice and he even includes his builds. excellent resource! thanks!

He seems to animate both the drawing layers and their pegs, is there some adantage or disadvantage to this?

He’s got the drawing layers disabled for animation tools so even though it looks like he is animating on the drawing layers it’s all being recorded on the Pegs. I had had the same question. He says in his videos that he uses the drawing layers solely for the drawings and the Pegs for animating which is how Toon Boom recommends animating.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

i know i’ve heard this a few times, but what really is the benefit of attaching all drawings to pegs vs just animating the drawing itself?

OP, I didn’t come here for this–rather something else but you made the trip here worth it!