example storyboards...?

hi, just got storyboard pro… looking good so far… but im a bit lost…

new to storyboarding… and was wondering, is there an example storyboard i can load to see exactly how things go in SBPro…

thanks for any help or pointers… will work my way through the tute vids online but im lacking the basics…

thanks again

thanks Lilly,

appreciate the help…

will look into those tutes and help file…


any help finding any examples lilly…

I always check storyboardsecrets.com by Sherm Cohen, who just recently finished the how to videos for toonboom’s Storyboard. He also has a DVD about Storyboarding. It costs $40 but it is well worth it.

Also, another fantastic resource is http://www.storyboardart.org/ by Sergio Paez.

For some in your face examples check out Mark Simon’s site. or even Dean robert’s blog

I can go on and on with links that I found just by googling storyboard art, or artist.

Hope that helps ;D

thanks AlexF, some cool sites there ,will check em out…

edit - would still be nice to see a demo storyboard in SBPro, im a visual learner and like to take things apart to see how it was done…

That my friend is apparently not available right now. :-\ The best option to us right now is watch those How to videos that Lilly mentioned. It pretty much covers how to work with the program.

Storyboard pro is really not a hard program to learn at all. It is nowhere near as hard as learning animate or animate Pro. When I downloaded the trial I was creating storyboards with camera movement and the whole nine yards withing an hour.

My only suggestion it watch those how to videos, then visit the links I gave you to get some ideas and some actual storyboarding tips and go from there.

c’mon you can do it! 8)

Very impressive Lilly. :wink:

I just looked over the template, and it is great! It also kind of answers something I (guess) i was completely baffled with. That is that the BG can be drawn way outside of the stage’s boundaries.

Where as before I thought I had to fit it in the stage and scale down the character. So yeah, it is already a huge benefit to have seen this.

Thanks Lilly

thanks lilly…

and toon boom

and alex for the support… this is great… D/L’ing now…

Let me find out for you about whether there’s a sample storyboard. For now, I recommend making your way through the help file (Help > Help) and also the HowTo section on the website. They have some ticks and tricks in there that might be helpful to you as you get started.

Here’s the link to the HowTo:



Okay so good news guys. They uploaded a sample project on the website that you can now download. Here is the link to the Templates section where the sample project can be found: