exact tone colour

I need to create a shadow on my character. But I need a precise rgb number. I’d like to make it with tone module but I have no idea how to create the color I need. Does anybody solve this somehow?

Open the Colour Picker Window, it’s all there, HSV and RGB…
Just type in the numbers.

Well, Obviously it doesnt work at all. It works correctly only when the color on the object is white. If its anything else but snow white the shadow changes the color when I type precise number.

Obviously, there seems to be a mis-understanding ?

Replacing part of any colour, white. green, blue etc, solid or gradient with any other colour
will keep its RGB value, at least on my machine…

Using the “vintage” Peg-Transformation / Highlight- and Tone-Node-Technique, might show indeed very unexpected results…

Using the new Shading set-up by replacing the Light-Shader with the Tone-Shader and applying the RGB values via the Tone-Shader-Layer-Properties is showing very “exact” results, regarding to the chosen RGB numbers.