I’ve recently posted a short movie at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/559097. The animation was made in Animate 2 and the sound was produced using Cakewalk software.

Any comments would be helpful.


The Animation was a bit simplistic for my liking. I think there is plenty of room to improve especially in the effects area.

I don’t mind(in fact i like) simple animations when I feel it was the intent. But I felt your intent was to go a bit futher.

However the song was pretty catchy.By the end there melodic hooks made me like. It start is very similar to the song blur2 with the drums (i thought that it was going to be a cover of it).

Hey there Bob,

I love what you did with the water animations. The rings, splashes and surf were awesome. Although your art style is simplistic your lines were very neat, which gave it a polished look. The music was also very fitting: mellow and a bit nerdy to go along with the educational aspect of the subject matter. It was great to see an educational theme on Newgrounds as opposed to simple escapism or the over the top humor. Props for that sir.

In the first scene with the camera pushing through the plant life to get to the ocean the animation was a bit rough. Consider the following: Put the camera further down at the beginning of the camera push in. As the camera moves toward the ocean start panning up slowly while slightly moving the plants aside as opposed the wide separation you are using now. You could also change the pivot points of the plants so they can rotate outward and or move down as opposed to moving like they are on wheels. Finally, you could end the camera move at the height that you want the ocean shot to be.

Also, the illusion of atmospheric perspective would be more effective if you used different colors and made the objects further in the background either cooler in color or slightly lesser in alpha value. I would have made the blades of grass green as well.

Look at the following link and see what the artist did with the color and values on each object as it recedes into the background. The closer the plants and objects are to the camera the more vibrant or saturated the color is. This adds depth. Just look at that first panel without playing the animation and take note of the difference in color and value between the foreground, middle ground and background objects.


Also, notice what’s going on with the inked lines of the character with the red shirt. See how his outline is thick but the lines that make up his inner drawings are thinner? That chances up the line quality and gives the character more weight. I love the neatness of your lines but consider varying them a bit.

The bird nest is a grey weaved basket? Consider looking at a real nest and roughing it up a bit.

Some of your shots have a bit of, “bullseye” composition going on with the characters or areas of interest being in the middle of the frame. The Pterodactyl chicks were an example of this as well as the fish at times. The scene where the mother was flying toward the nest was quite nice as it was off center and more interesting to watch. However, the next scene with the close up of the babies was directly in the center of the shot. Consider changing the framing of some of your shots a bit as well as the angle of some of the elements. It would have been awesome to see the nest on the right side, a 3/4 view of the chicks, nest and rock formation stage right of the frame and the negative space of the blue sky with some clouds floating by stage left. That was my favorite scene in your movie.

The following link gives examples of framing that I described above. Scroll down to see, “The Rule of Thirds” which is especially useful in shot design as well as painting composition:


Keep up the good work. I’ll rate it on Newgrounds as well.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments, they were very useful.

Thanks for the links Tony; very interesting.