Everything is turning back into eraser tool??

Hey, so i’m using the trial version for Toon Boom Harmony and I was halfway working on my animation when I may have clicked on something wrong and now I can’t draw. I tried exiting then coming back but it still is like that. Pretty much in the bottom, above the timeline, whenever I click on something like the pencil tool, it says above the timeline I chose the pencil tool, but when my mouse leaves the toolbar and enters the drawing place, it immediately changes and says that its the eraser tool, so when I draw I only erase stuff. Anybody know why this is happening? I’m using Windows 10

Please I would like an answer soon as I don’t want my trial being wasted on nothing

Click on the Pencil Tool or the Brush tool in the toolbar.
Or select from the menu-Drawing-Drawing tools.

I need an answer soon too, I already paid for this month.

I am having the same problem.
I choose the pencil and it changes to the eraser. Just started happening today 17Sep2020 on Harm17, WIN10.