Everything is Gone

I made a new scene and everything is gone and if I make a new project it is still like this. I don’t know how to fix this, please help.

Hi, just looks like you closed your camera panel. you’ll find it in the windows tab or when you press the + sign in the right corner of any open panel (your timeline in this case).

Thank you!

I don’t want to be asking too much but can you still have them on the same page instead of having to switch to get to them?

Close your camera panel.

I am having the same problem but my tool bar for the paint is hiding on the bottom corner? how can I bring that back up on the camera page? Thank you. I am new so I wasn’t expecting the properties to save the menu problem. I thought it would be like blender where the start screen starts up on the beginner page each time. Anyway, any way to get the color tool bar back up?

In the software use Menu-Windows-…
to restore both windows and toolbars.