Eureka!! TB imports a sequence of images?

Hi, fellas! i work in Vetorzero (, and we use retas!pro as default animation system… my guys - from the 2D team - w´like 2 know if Toon Boom, besides your usual porpose, can be used 2 import sequence images in his X-Sheet, rasterize or vectorize scanned images 2 be painted inside the program… or else, something like Retas does…

Hi Acorsi,
Toon Boom Studio (TBS) can import many different types of raster images (including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TGA and PICT) or vector art work (Illustrator and PDF). You can also vectorize imported raster images to a degree (read more details from the products section).

But currently (and this may change in the future?) you can not edit raster images directly in TBS, you must use third party software to achieve this, like Photoshop, and then import it.
You can however import and trace raster images in TBS (and apply color) or use them as animated objects in a scene (like backgrounds for instance or image sequences in the timeline).

From what I have read about Retas!Pro I think it is a higher end animation package (which might cost alot more?). Toon Boom’s other software packages like Solo or Opus/Harmony might be more what you are looking for if you require such image editting features.

I have not seen or used TB Solo or Opus so I would suggest either contacting Toon Boom directly or you could place this question in the general section of this forum for more open comment about the pros/cons.


Hi, bruxist!
Our studio works wit Retas!Pro since 2000, and the results always be good; but always we try to optimize the post-production animation process of scanned images (retrace/vectorize and painting), so, here w are!
U can tell me how:
1) I import a sequence of images in the timeline?
2) the correct steps to vectorize raster images?

One more time, thanx a lot!