Essentials Resizing Imported PNG Images

Hello there. I’ve been messing with Toon Boom Essentials, and have been having a weird problem i dont understand. When i go to import a bitmap image (png) the images are always resized to fit inside the little view guide area. However, it doesn’t reflect this size change in the properties of the layer, it shows that the size it currently is at is it’s 1. This is a problem as i was importing puppet pieces, as well as a reference layer that were all made at the same sizes, meaning the head in the reference is the same size as the cut out head, i simply cut it off of the body and saved it as it’s own piece.

There are absolutely no options when importing an image to tell it to NOT resize my image, nor could i find anything in the properties menu under Edit. Is there something i’m missing?

Thank you for any help

As far as I know Bitmap Import Options are fairly limited in Essentials.

Keep as Original Bitmap, Import as Toon Boom Bitmap-, Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing.
Or Alignment Rules like Fit, Pan or Project Resolution,
are all features of either Harmony Advanced or Premium.

Hmm, i was afraid of that. A colleague of mine keeps trying to convince me of how powerful Essentials is, but the more i try to work in the program, the more limitations i find that make it harder and harder for me to use it for animation. I feel like Bitmap options should be fully available in the Essentials version, as even the most beginner of hobbyists would need those features to make an animation. I’m just not willing, as a hobbyist, to shell out the very expensive price tag for Advanced. To me Toon Boom definitely only really markets itself towards professional studios. Essentials may seem hobbyist friendly, but in the end i’m finding it far too limiting. But that’s just my experience.

Oh well, thank you for the information either way!

Agreed. When someone asks me about Essentials, I advise them to either get Advanced, or just download the latest release of OpenToonz on the Github site (

Essentials is way too limited compared to what is out there, and Toon Boom ought to rethink their strategy a bit. I mean, OpenToonz blows Essentials out of the water. I just don’t see why any animator would consider Essentials, which even lacks bitmap painting tools and simple particle effects.

Can Advanced or Premium import the images at their exact size that they were made?

Choose Project Resolution from the Rules drop-down and they will.