Essentials brush texture feather help?

I can not figure out how to soften brushes in Toon Boom Harmony Essentials. I teach Essentials and use Premium. It is clear that the brush tools aren’t as advanced, but there must be a way to soft/feather the edges of a brush. Along those lines, are there any presets that can be imported. All I see in the brush tab are vector lines with he ability to change tips, width and smoothness. I am looking for more natural organic looking brushes. Is this not possible in Essentials?

As you probably know there’s no bitmap brushes on Essentials and no textured lines for vector brushes either. I think the smoothness of the vector lines in Advanced and Premium is achieved with texturing. On Brush Properties, you have the Size and Smoothness and the Paper Texture tabs. By selecting Paper Texture (even if the texture is “None”) you get a smooth brush by decreasing the Hardness parameter. I assume this does not exist on Essentials.