Esay Flip question

I can’t seem to make Easy Flip work.
I drag the flipping handle left and right but nothing happens. I tried to select a range of frames but it doesn’t budge.
The guide simply says to drag to a desired speed.
What am I doing wrong?


You can use the arrows to go forward or backward in the Camera and Drawing view but the slider works only in the Drawing view.

It’s made to move/flip through drawings not cells/frames.

If you want to flip through drawings you can use F and G. If you want to flip through frames in the Timeline you can use “,” and “.”.

Ok, thank you, I’m starting to understand the Drawing View part. Very nice.

One thing, although. Can I select more than one drawing if I want to remove the drawings from the Drawing View drawer?
I seem to be able to select only one at a time (I understand the checkboxes are only to be used with the Shift & Select function).


Unfortunately no you can’t select more than one and I didn’t find a shortcut slot in the Preferences.

And yes the check boxes are for the shift and trace.