Error with new action template

I got another bug on Harmony
I created a piece of rig that have deformes and one drawing with functions as local (no belzier) where I turned animation off in the advanced panel.

So, it all works ok in the scene, I can copy and paste frames and all. But when I try to create a action template, both of those informations are not being copied to the template file. I mean, everything is there but deformes and local functions are reseted or at rest positions.

does someone has a similar problem?

Diego Stoliar

Deformation is very demanding on your graphic card. One thing that sometimes helps in this situation is to select the part you want to see and click “Show Selected Deformers and Hide All Others”. This can kick the display into action so you should see a deformer chain for the currently selected object.

If you then unselect “Show Selected Deformers and Hide All Others”, you should be able to see the deformation for all parts of your rig.

If you continue to have issues with this contact support to have a look at your graphic card driver’s settings.

Now I opened my scene and it lost both informations at the scene also.
It also lost my deformation rig. I did a countour deforme, all the curves still in the network but it doens’t show in the camera when I try to “show selected deformes”.