Error while saving. Lost work. (mac)

I’m new to Toon Boom Studio 4, but an old hand when it comes to a mac. I have spent an entire day doing a rough pencil test for a paying client. I saved the file several times during the process and made Flash & QT movies of the test.

However, When I saved my work, I recieved the following message:

Error while saving the animation set.

Toon Boom is not a valid Toon Boom Studio file.
Toon Boom is not a valid Toon Boom Studio file.

I thought this was odd as this was NOT the name of the file I was saving. Furthermore, when I went to reopen the file this morning, I found it does not exist anywhere on my hard drive - (other than its name with 0KB on disk). I’ve lost an entire day’s work and have NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED OR WHY!

Now I’m in the position where I have to explain this to my client and I’m NOT HAPPY about it.

Can anyone help me??

Hi, I had that problem as well, and I am fairly certain that your Hard Drive or external media drive is FULL. Good LACK x)

go here:

While that sounds all very true and possible, I am totally certain that when it did this to me the ONLY reason was that I had just been digitizing media to my fire wire drive to edit in the Avid. Then I started working on toonboom, forgot about cutting for the time being and suddenly got the error message. However, once I realized that both my drives were crammed, I simply cleared up the space and I’ve never encountered the problem (before nor) since. Also, it only occurred when I was quitting or saving my projects so, that further seems to concur with my logic. However, perhaps I’m just smoking crack again… Time will tell. P.s. the English diction on the link sounds like its coming from directions I had on how to build a remote controlled airplane made in Vietnam that read like they had been written by someone who had spent a spell too long in the DMZ or smoked a bit with Dennis Hopper during the filming of Apocolypse Now theyselfishness… i.e. reads like : "They got to (gonna) say he(s) a kind man? No! YOUR THE ONE MAN!"
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Hi, I’m having this same problem. When I was using the trial version of TBS, everything worked fine, but after purchasing the program & using that one, I can’t save anything.

So, I’m using TBS V4.0, I’m on a mac, and this is the error message I get when I try to save:

Error while saving the animation set.

Toon Boom is not a valid Toon Boom Studio file.
Toon Boom is not a valid Toon Boom Studio file.

Why is this happening?? My hard drive isn’t full, & I don’t understand the explanation in that link–do I need to move my global/local library or something like that? And if so, how do I do that?..I really have no idea how to fix this.

Hi! you’re mac user account does not have necessary permissions on your Toon Boom Folder.

This link gives more info on the TB error:

This link gives info on Mac permissions:


Thanks! I took another look at that link from the TBS Knowledgebase & the last paragraph of the explanation was the solution for me. (It was a bit hard for me to follow the beginning parts of the explanation b/c there were some confusing grammatical errors.) It was bizarre–all I had to do was go to the ‘Library’ tab, right-click on ‘Toon Boom Templates’ > Close Library, then right-click in the blank space of the ‘library’ tab and click ‘Reload Default Templates’ & then I was able to save my file perfectly! It turned out to be very simple.

Thanks again for the quick response!