Error when the Brush tool is used...

Hi, my name is Carlos and I am trying the Toom Boom Studio and the Toom Boom Animate. Whith the first one everything is fine, but the second a litlle problem occur.

So after installing the software and put the trial lisence, I can use the software with several tools unless one of them, The Brush Tool. Every time this tool is used the software breaks and make Windowns (OS) restarted, besides the blue famous windown appears for some seconds too. I am using a simple nootebook however it acomplished well with the system requirements. (the OS is the Windowns XP SP3).

Could do you tell what is need to do to resolve the problem to be possible tried the software?

Kind Regards,


Thank you for your answer. Iwill send an e-mail to support and see what happens. As soon as the problem was resolved I post the solution here.



I’ve certainly never heard of this one before! If you’re getting a blue screen then you should email directly and see if they can help you out.