Error when saving file. "Cannot rename folder"

So I keep getting this error when saving my file:
"The following Error occurred: Cannot rename folder: D:/toonboom/project/elemets/mc20.2 to mc20
Cannot rename folder: D:/toonboom/project/elemets/mc18.4 to mc18
i get around 6 of those when i save, but don’t get errors on other elements in the same file. Then when i re-open the file, those parts are missing from the stage. The weird thing is, if I drag and drop 2 of the same templates to the stage, it only seems to affect the first one.

note: this is using a imported Illustrator file with layers.
I’m using the script on the forums to import a Illustrator file with layers to the library.

all of the folder permissions are full control.
I’m using animate pro PLE on a PC
hope this all made sense.
Any help is greatly appreciated,

I get the same error as you typically when I’m working on a file at work located on the server. The error occurs when I either rename a previously created layer or create a new layer. For example, if I create a new layer named ‘arm’, when I go to save the file, it will tell me “Error, cannot find folder ‘arm’ or Cannot write arm.26” Something like that. The solution is to manually navigate in Windows to your animation file folder. Go into the ‘elements’ folder. Then use Windows to create a new folder titled ‘arm’ or whatever you titled your layer name in Toon Boom. Sometimes the ‘arm’ folder will already be in there, but you will have to create a new one with the exact same name. Choose ‘yes’ when WIndows asks if you want to merge the new folder with the old. Then, go back into Toon Boom and save again. This time it should work. I think it must be something messed up with folder saving permissions. I have tried to fix the folder saving permissions on some of these Animate files, but every time I give myself full rights over a folder, the folder seems corrupted and goes back to not giving me permission to save. If you have tons of new layers, it’s not practical to keep manually creating ALL the new layers, so in that case, go to the Library tab in your project. Choose the ‘Animate Library’ Right click it and choose ‘Right to modify’. Select all your layers in the timeline and then drag them all into the library (this will create a template out of your layers). Start a brand new Toon Boom document and then pull that template in. Typically starting a new file gets rid of the error saving (permissions?) issues.

One way to help avoid this is to not create an element, rename it and then create a new element with the same name as the previously renamed element had in the same edit session. Also, it’s much safer to edit projects on the local hard drive and then to copy the project folder to your network drive after.