Error when opening Harmony Programs

I was recently troubleshooting an issue with establishing dual displays between my all in one pc and Yiynova tablet monitor. While using the dual displays though, Harmony would register my pen strokes very far away from my cursor when trying to draw. Photoshop was precise, as well as Manga Studio but Harmony was still acting up. Once I looked up the issue I changed the compatibility in Windows and checked “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” and “Run this program as administrator”. The program now properly registered my tablet strokes but it did not have any pressure sensitivity controls. I then installed new drivers for my Yiynova tablet and restarted the computer. Photoshop and Manga Studio still work fine and maintain pressure sensitivity but when I open Harmony it says: “One or more arguments are incorrect”.

I’ve tried undoing the options I set but any time I try to open the program I get the same response. Any help would be appreciated.