Error: Unable to open .tvg

I’ve been working on a long term project. The most recent time I tried to open it I suddenly got an error message, “Unable to read (then the file path and name).tvg”.

It gives me the same message for every file and if I press okay, the panels in the timeline go from thumbnails of the drawings to completely white.

I had created the projects on an older mac (High Sierra) using TBSBP6, but they they won’t open there, so I transferred them to a new mac (Monterrey) with TBSBP22 and get the same message. It is happening with different versions of the project that were all saved at different times and subsequent versions have been opened and closed multiple times since saving, but today none of them work.

The files are all on the hard drives of the two machines, rather than on the cloud.

Hy there i can see your post and i have some tips for you.

  1. Check file compatibility: Verify that the version of Toon Boom Studio you’re using on your new Mac (TBSBP22) is compatible with the project files created in the older version (TBSBP6). It’s possible that there may be compatibility issues between different software versions.
  2. Update Toon Boom Studio: Ensure that you have the latest version of Toon Boom Studio installed on your new Mac. Check the official Toon Boom website or your software provider for any available updates or patches that address compatibility issues or bug fixes.
  3. File transfer integrity: When transferring the project files from the older Mac to the new one, confirm that the files were transferred successfully without any corruption or missing data. Check the file sizes and compare them between the original files and the transferred files to ensure they match.
  4. Backup copies: If you have backup copies of the project files, try opening them to see if the issue persists. If the backups open successfully, it could indicate that the original project files may have become corrupted.
  5. Contact Toon Boom support: If the issue persists and none of the above steps resolve it, reach out to Toon Boom support for further assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the error message, the software versions, and any other relevant details. They should be able to provide specific guidance or troubleshooting steps based on your situation. TellHappyStar

Thanks and regards