ERROR: This project is already opened.

“! This project is already opened.”

“Making changes and saving the project while being opened by another user can corrupt the scene.”

What is this error? I get it even after reboot. How do I trash my Storyboard Pro preferences?

Thx B

Thanks Wayne. Do you happen to know if the presence of a .lock file indicates a problem with the user, software, or operating system? Is this a common problem?

Also, does restoring default preferences delete custom keyboard shortcuts, or are they stored elsewhere?

Mac OS 10.8.5

Imagine for a moment he copied the project for you while it was open.

When a project is opened the .lock file is created in the project folder. Closing the software normally removes the .lock file. Its purpose is to let others know that the project has been opened for editing if you are working in a collaborative environment. It is done to prevent overwriting each others changes which will happen if two users have the same project open for editing.

The presence of a .lock file indicates either that the software crashed while the project was open, that you force-quit the software or that you copied the project folder while the project was open for editing.

You are in the best position to understand what caused this on your system.

I appreciate the information on the purpose of the file, but my software neither crashed, nor have I had to force-quit. It happens when I try to open a file from a collaborator. He doesn’t report crashing or force-quitting either.

Hi, B,
This error message means that the project is not closed properly since last time, if you go to the project folder, you will find a .lock file with the same project name. Please delete this file and reopen the project, this will fix it.
You could restore default preferences by edit/preferences/restore default.