error scene length vs timeline length. limited by variable.


I just wanted to do a simple insert audio and image without breaking the audio -that is so important- ,only 2 layers. fast and simple should it be.
then I created a scene frame length: 23,000

the problem is in scene settings appears: 23,000 and in timeline displays 16,000 frames and it does not displays beyond the frame 16,000

so, there is another limit by variables in timeline in animate pro: 16,000 frames.

here scence length (23,000) is different than timeline length (16,000) …so it is an error.

could it be extended timeline to be equal that the value defined in the scene size?

thanks a lot

Hi Parsenn1,I noticed in one of your other postings Animate Pro 2 crashed numerous times; that may be related to the length of scenes that you are attempting. Toon Boom recommends keeping scenes at 1,000 frames or less; and then stringing the scenes together in a editor program such as Adobe Premiere, etc.Jeff

wow are you really using 23,000 frames?that is sick.

hi,yes 23,000 frames for mix an audio with an animation, just 13 minutes of content.something that could be easily and avoid using final cut -that final cuts takes a lot to render and it is not so easy to insert frames on a specific position for example or to get the current position-So…I was trying to use the power of animate there.this time toonboom dont crasheshere animate pro is limited to 16,000 frames!a)open animate prob)goto scene length and set frame length to 22,000c)go to timeline… here it only displays 16,000 frames. even in an Empty scene…scene length =23,000 , timeline=16,000I hope it is not like the bill bates 640 kb limit in MS… when he said: who will use more than 640 kb? no one… set the limit there…here only allows 16,000 frames… :-\

There is a limit on 16,000 frames on the timeline. The reason here is that you will most likely run out of memory if you try to render scenes of a length greater than 16,000 frames. There is no way to extend the timeline beyond 16,000 frames. You could try to work in the xsheet instead, but I wouldn’t recommend using more than 16,000 frames if you can avoid it.~LillyToon Boom Support