error opening project

Anybody know how to solve the problem with

The file (anything)_Mouths-A or just Mouths-A(it does not matter what I put) is related to a drawing and could not be found. The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted.
Further error message will be suppressed [E1002].
This started coming around the time I went and upgraded from the trial version. Even when I open a project with no mouths-A(BCDEFGX) but with Mouths-1
I don’t know if this is a bug or what, Mouths and NOT lip sync. If I already have a scene or a project that has a mouths label I cannot use the same label in any other project ever. Even after deleting the project, and anything that had to do with the project; including deleting the mouths in global library. I do not mean
just mouths label I mean ABCDEFGX, when I Draw a mouth or anything and label that cell with (Example)_Mouths-A or B.C.E.D.F.G.X the drawing disappears never to
be seen again. I changed my lip chart to and (labeled the new mouths 1…) the drawings come back. I don’t have to save just put in an A, hit enter
it disappears change to a 1, hit enter, save, the project drawing comes back.
I am on TBS 6sp1.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled still same problem.
Yes I know how to rename however the error just changes to the new name.
And yes if I put any drawing and say this is Mouths-A it will disappear.

What am I doing wrong.

If you have not found out yet what is causing the problem, you can contact and send a project that shows the error. We will be able to help you find the problem.

Thanks I found a work around, and I pretty much know why.
If I draw first Toon Boom will put in a file in drawings labeled (name)… for each drawing. When I rename each cell with A.B.C… the drawings never get updated.
So I have to just name each cell before I draw anything in. On a few projects I still get an error, but thats because I renamed the drawings in windows. The mouths work now.

I also already contacted tech support before I went on here, and they where no help.

Thanks again.

I am glad you found the answer to your problem, here is some clarification:

What is going on is that when you are “renaming” a cell, you are actually reassigning its drawing. If you assign it a name that is not in use, you are creating a new drawing.

When you draw in a cell that has a name, you are changing that drawing and when you draw in an empty cell, you are creating a new drawing and the software assigns it a name automatically (1, 2, 3…).

As for the drawing that “disappear”, what happens is that when a drawing is deleted from the exposure sheet, it still exists in the Drawing Layer. It can still be assigned to a cell by using the Cells window or by typing its name in a cell (this is called cell swapping).

I hope this is clear.

I am having a problem while opening a flip boom files. Whenever i open a saved project file done by my students, a error comes that this “file is not a valid project file”. Please give me the solution for this error, as the files are very important. ???

Are you opening it with the version that was created?
Does it come with the error number?
It looks like it is corrupted but better contact support for your matter.

Yeah, i got the solution. I copied the files and trying to open in my another system. After reading your reply i opened the file on the system where it was created, and it get opened there.

Thanks a lot