error on saving file


I recently did a straight forward animation drawing Frame By Frame a ball bouning using the x sheet. I replayed it in timeline mode and it was fine, however when I saved it I encountered a dialogue box with an error message that listed all my hand drawn frames of the ball bouncing with an error message next to them. I assumed things wiould be fine , but when I had closed the project and attampted to open the project again, the frames of the ball were in the timeline but they didnt have any visual content. Meaning the computer couldnt save the content of the frames due to the error.

I cant reproduce the message to post due to uninstalling toonboom.

I system specs are.

-Toonboom animate 2
- amd athlon quad core x64
-4 gig ram
-windows xp home x32
-ga-m61pme s2 MOBO
-ASUS gt9400 (Silent) nvidia based

please help.

I’ve had this issue too. My only tip would be to save everything, and if the message comes up saying “Can’t save such and such element” then select the whole lot and paste them into your template library.

Check your template by editing it, and you’ll be able to see everything that’s present there. Don’t close down the software until you know you’ve got everything there.

It’s hard to know exactly what happened without the error message. I would think that it’s probably been unable to write to that location.

I would double-check that element folder inside of the project directory and verify that the drawings do not exist or that they are 0 KB. If that’s the case, then they cannot be recovered.

If they are not 0 KB, then it might be possible to reconnect those drawings, and for assistance with this I would send an email to

In case it happens again in the future, are you trying to save your project to a protected folder on your file system? Or are you saving over a network? Or to an external device? If you lose the connection then you would not be able to save your work.

The reason that the Template library workaround works is because the Template Library points to a location in the Documents folder on the local hard drive. So this will not be affected by network connection issues or by file permissions.