Error Message "is not a supported version"

I have been creating a short video and I took some time off from working on it, when I came back to work on it i get the message FF3.tbp is not a supported version. I am using version 4 and it was created by me in version 4. i have another project that i did that was in version 4 as well but it still works. is there anything i can do to get the files to work?


Is the data still in the project structure? It may actually be a corrupted scene. If that is the case the only way to recover the material would be to make yourself a placeholder project in which you would recreate the drawing elements and swap the files from the old project to the new one. Here is the way to do this:

- Create yourself a new Toon Boom Studio project.
- In this new project create the exact same drawing element with the same name and structure there was in the original project. For every drawings that were in the previous project create a placeholder drawing with a single stroke in it so the drawing files get created.
- Save the project and Close Toon Boom Studio.
- Go in the file structure of the old project that does not work and copy each drawings to the new project structure. This should override all the drawings and replace them by the content you had in your old project.

Unfortunately it is not possible to recover peg information and drawing movement but at least this way you should be able to recover all the artwork you might have made before.

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