Error Launching Studio 7

I successfully installed Studio 7.1 with no problems. However, when I try to run it I get a "Visual C++ Runtime Library Error


Application requests runtime to terminate in an unusual way."

I’m new to Toon Boom and didn’t expect this much trouble just getting it running. I also purchased the beginners package that included the etraining CDs but can’t find out where to download them. Are they being shipped separately? If not how do I access them.

This error usually means that your system’s graphic card may not have the capability for OpenGL display or that the card is simply not powerful enough to do the job.

Try going into the menu-Edit-Preferences from the Splash Screen and on the “Display” tab, select Direct3D instead of OpenGL. If you are using dual display, try setting it for a si ngle monitor. Make sure when using a laptop to be plugged into the power outlet otherwise it may use the onboard lower-quality graphic card to save power rather than the main one (if your laptop has a dedicated card).

On Windows-based system we recommend using an NVidia GeForce card in the mid- to high-end range for the best results. On Windows the ATI/AMD cards have poor drivers for OpenGL. The onboard Intel cards are usually underpowered and also often have poor drivers. If in doubt, try updating the graphic card’s driver to the latesrt version.

I got an email from tech support and on their recommendation downloaded the latest drivers for my video card and that cleared up the problems. Thanks for the help.