Error Google dosen't know about

Ok i searched this error all over the internet , no results , just a few games that give the same error , i did what it was told there , at the game problem but it still didn’t work . When i try installing Toon Boom Studio 4.5 … i do everything , everything goes smooth , i enter serial and other things , i select installation path , it goes for 2 seconds then i get the error : Feature transfer error : Component : Online help , Can some 1 help me with this ? P.S it’s not my toon boom studio , a friend is desperate so he asked me to help him , he said he asked for help on some other forums but didn’t got any results , can some1 help ?


This seems to be that he does not have access to his hard drive. Which OS is he using? If he is under Vista one thing he may want to try is to launch the installer through a right click>Run As Administrator.

Otherwise we would need to know some more about his computer setup to define what could be going on.

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Hi there~
Im the "friend" (Im a girl duh)
Im using Windows XP. I had Toom Boom 4.0 till now and it was working perfectly, but recently I had problems with my antivirus, my pc would run very very slow, any other programs wont run. I think that`s the cause, my pc is very very very old XD

Hi Amy,

Sorry for the late reply. The message you are getting during the installation is quite unusual though it may have something to do with the space you have left on your hard drive.

Also is the machine meeting the system requirements of the software?



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