ERROR "Could not open file"

Trying to open a .sbpz file and I get a message that simply says “Error Could not open file.” My understanding of a .sbpz is that it’s like a zip file, so is there any way to salvage or extract the drawings from this file? Sorry, I’m too tech savvy but this is the information I have regarding the problem. Much thanks to anyone who can help.


Which version of Storyboard do you have installed?
The .sbpz format was only added in V5.1 so if you’re
running anything older the file will not be recognized
by the software.

Beyond that, your username has a space which means
your home directory has a space which can interfere.
Try placing the .sbpz fine in C:\test and try opening it
from there.

Hmm, just tried that and I’m still getting the same error message. The version of Storyboard I’m running is 5.1… Anything else I can do?

Try re-downloading the file, maybe it got corrupted or truncated.

And there’s absolutely no way to recover a corrupted file?

With the .sbpz format it’s all just one file.
If the file is corrupt, you need to resort to
a backup of it.

You can try re-downloading it, perhaps it’s
not the original that’s damaged but something
that happened during the download/transfer.

Well, it’s years later, but I just had the same problem and I got back into my file. Here’s how, for anyone like me who stumbles across this thread:

You need to rename the file extension from “.sbpz” to “.zip”, then you can just extract the guts of the file and run the .sboard file.

Mine was “failing to open” because of some issue it had with the palette, but I unzipped it and opened it this way, and I’m back in business.

Obviously this is much easier on Windows, and if you can’t get your Mac to cooperate, just find someone with a PC. Also, I used WinRar, so if the native extract on your Mac fails, try something else. Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile: