Error: 'Could not complete reading from file' When Exporting

I have a finished project that I’ve been trying to export in multiple ways. The first was as .mov, which failed and ended up with some slow out of sync video missing backgrounds. I then tried .swf which was also missing backgrounds and this is the error I get.

I tried going in to replace the backgrounds, which are .png, which just messed up the unchanged ones. After a bit, I couldn’t even import my .png files anymore. It gave the ‘Error when writing image to…’ message.

While animating too, sometimes the program will fail to read a few backgrounds, but restarting the software often fixes that, but exporting will always meet that error.

I’m pretty convinced that this is all caused from me migrating from my old laptop to a new desktop pc, but I really don’t know how to fix it

Anyway, all I really need to fix is the backgrounds not showing up/not importing.


Have you tried importing the background into a new element? Since this requires actual investigation to solve, you should contact support to have a look.