Error: Cannot write elements

Hi There,
Upon saving my file and error pops up saying that Animate cannot write some of the elements and does not allow the save. What can be done about this? Not really looking forward to the idea of loosing work.
Thank you!

I’ve seen this too. i feel your pain. No idea. I managed to save the entire scene by attaching everything to a peg and minimized it, then moved it to the library. Closed TB and started a new scene, then imported the old one from the library.

Ahh, thank you! Hope this works. I’ll let you know.

I wonder what could be happening here. You’re not saving over a network, are you? Could be a connectivity issue. Or perhaps you don’t have the permissions to save in the folder where you’re trying to save. Do you get the same error if you do a “Save As” and save in a different location?