ERROR: 50041

I have just purchased TBS 7.1

During activation I copy and paste the Product Code as to not make any mistakes and still receive this error every time.

These are the steps I have taken to try and rectify the problem.
1. rebooted the computer
2. ran as admin
3. turned off all virus protection
4. added TBS to my firewall “allow” list
5. uninstalled/reinstalled TBS
6. Closed all other programs
7. All of the above several times and at times all together

AND IT STILL GIVES ME THE SAME ERROR??? I really need help on this one. I sent an email to support as well but if anyone on here knows what to do let me know…

Verify that the date, time and timezone are correct on your system. A difference of more than a few minutes from the true time will cause the license activation server to reject the communication for security reasons.

I tried to copy and paste while in camera view but I get the error message
“paste not allowed here” E1172.
I am new to this and wonder if someone could help me. What is E1172
Thank you

Are you certain that you are in the Camera View and not the drawing view?
Try pasting in the timeline instead.

It would help to know what type of object you are copying pasting. Why not use menu-element- Clone or Duplicate (Element) instead? Note that Clone makes an object linked to the first, Duplicate makes an identical copy of the object that you can modify independent of the original.