Error 50041 keeps appearing when i'm trying to activate my licenses

I’ve already contacted support, we’ve already used teamviewer in order to fix things. Before I couldn’t even manage to get past the log in page since it would show me 50041. After rebooting my computer, running the wizard as admin, turn off windows security and uninstalling my own anti-viruses, I’m now stuck at the Product lincenses activation page. It shows me the activation buttons under “Action”, but clicking activate leads to another error window of 50041. The support guys can’t seem to help me anymore, and I honestly do not know what’s wrong. My ticket with the support is still open, but I have to try to find myself if there’s any firewall left on my computer, which is impossible for me to do.
I’ve also used an ethernet cable rather than wifi, and also tried to go to my local library by connecting my internet there. So far, nothing works. I know 50041 means my internet isn’t transferring any information, but I don’t even know where the problem even originates from.

I use google chrome as my web browser and alienware 15 for my laptop.