ERROR 50041: Cannot connect to activation server

I’m trying to move Animate Pro 2 to a new computer. I deactivated my license on the old system, installed the software on the new computer, and now when I try to activate the license on the new computer I’m getting this error:

ERROR 50041: Cannot connect to activation server

The same problem occurs when I try to activate my license for Storyboard Pro.

The knowledge base says that this error occurs if I do not have an internet connection - unlikely since I’m using the new computer to post to this forum.

I’ve submitted the information for an email based activation for both products but I haven’t received a response yet.

Please advise

This issue has been resolved. As per the instructions sent by tech support, I reduced the security settings of my browser (Internet Explorer) and was able to activate my license. I then restored my previous security level.

Are you still having this issue? You can write to for further assistance.