error 50019

My response XML file is generating an error.
Do I have to generate the request XML file and then receive the response file from toonboom and then you know all…
Do I have to do this everytime I format my computer??? ???

so it means I’ll have to generate the XML request and then receive a response XML everytime. I install Animate…
cuz seriously I didn’t get a word of it you mentioned lily :o
Anyways thanx.

Well what you should really do is if you’re going to format your computer, then you can return your license ahead of time. Then you can simply re-enter the license key after you format and you can then re-install immediately.

The only time you need to do the email activation with the XMLs is if you are trying to activate on a computer that is not connected to the internet. Then you can use the XML to generate the key using a thumb drive to transfer the files.

Just make sure that you are generating the response on the same computer where you’re trying to activate your license. Sometimes it will see a usb drive or a connected hard drive instead of the computer’s hard disk, so you might want to disconnect all external devices before generating the XML.


Unless you’re connected to the Internet. Then you can just do Internet Activation.