Error 202 (can`t login)

Hi! I can`t login into Toon Boom Harmony.
(If there are some mistakes in text - sorry, i from Russia)
Error -
“Unable to sign your Toon Boom Harmony.
There was an error retrieving licenses from license server.
Error downloading https://***********/server.php - server replied: Forbidden. (202)”

I wanted to try the trial version of Toon Boom harmony, but I can’t log in to my account in the program to do this.
Please help me with this problem, I need to finish my project!

I am also having this problem does anyone know how to fix this?

were you ever able to solve this? i am having the same issue.

Hey !
Following things you can try :
!. Try not copying and pasting your Email and password in the field, type it manually.
2. Try changing password. (while logging in toon boom website)
3. Turn off your proxy or VPNs.

Worked for me

Cheers !

I’m tired of changing my Keybase account every week. All my contacts, data are lost and the unique username is locked, which is extremely unsatisfying. What can I do to not get revoked again? I stopped using VPN/proxies and didn’t send a spam message. Why does this occur? Please let me know the reason why.

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