Error 1002

I have toon boom 6.
I saved my animation on my USB, then when I tried to open it again, it said, “The file Background-1 is related to a drawing and could not be found. The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. Further error messages will be supressed. [E1002]”

Could someone please tell me what this means and how I could fix this.

It may mean that you have lost a part of your project because it was saved to a USB drive instead of the internal hard drive. USB drives can’t always keep up with the data being generated and saved. Edit projects only on the internal hard drive and zip the project folder before storing it on other types of drives/media.

To get rid of the error message, find the element that used this image and delete the cel label (need to be in the Xsheet to see the cel labels for the frames ) that was associated with the image. Unfortunately this won’t bring back the missing background but you can recover it if you have made a backup copy of your project folder at some time after the image was made.