Eraser tool not erasing.


Help! I’m new to Animate, so although this may seem basic, it’s killing me right now!

I’m drawing with the paintbrush and eraser tools, everything’s fine. Getting used to the shortcuts and the selection tools, etc. Drawings looking great. Suddenly the eraser won’t erase. At least it will for a second, then the erased line pops back again. Someone please tell me what to click or un-click.

Endless gratitude for the first solution that gets me back on my way.

Are you sure you are erasing the right underlay/line art/colour art layer?

I have one drawing layer that I’m working on. I have no other layers. I’m working in the camera mode. If I switch to drawing mode the problem stops.

I know this probably looks obvious to experienced users, but I’m one day into this…

I’m working in Animate (the learning edition). It’s been a few days since I last posted on this and I’ve quit and re-launched the app several times since then. When I reopened it the following day the problem had gone. It has re-occured since however, while working on a new file. I found saving, quitting and re-launching Animate the only way to restore the erase tool’s function.

If it happens again I’ll post you a screen shot as you suggest.

Are you working in Animate, not Animate Pro? If you’re in Animate Pro, you could be on the wrong subart layer (line art, colour art, overlay, or underlay). The Drawing View helps with this because it only shows you one sublayer at a time.

Can you link here a screenshot of what your screen looks like when it doesn’t work? You can upload it to a free site like photobucket and then post the link here.