Eraser Tool erases entire sketch!

I’ve recently been given Toon Boom Studio, and have been reading through the manual trying to learn the software inside and out.

However, I’ve been having frustrating issues with the eraser tool. When in drawing (or camera) view and making a sketch, the eraser tool deletes the entire drawing (instead of only the stroked area).

When I make a stroke, as long as I hold down the pen I can see the contour of where the erasing stroke stroke is applied to the drawing–but as soon as I lift my pen to finish the stroke, the entire drawing disappears!

What is also strange is that if I use CTRL-Z to undo this, the drawing returns with the stroke that I intended.

Would anyone have a suggestion for how to fix this issue?

Has anyone else had this issue? I have not found any mention of this in the manual or online yet.

Please let me know.


I’ve answered this question with help from a friend.

The shortcut key for the eraser tool in ToonBoom Studios, but default, is the dollar sign ($).

I’ve been accustomed to using E as the shortcut for the eraser tool (as it has been fairly standard in most software I’ve used) and this is what I had the Wacom Properties set to.

However, in this program the shortcut E is set to “Remove Exposure”.

So, in essence I had my pen’s eraser set to “Remove Exposure” instead of “Erase”–and this was the root of the issue. I set the shortcut to $ instead of E, and this solved the problem.

I hope that my little adventure helps somebody else with similar issues troubleshoot their problem. Happy animating!