Eraser on Wacom pen

I have animate pro 3, Cintiq 21ux, grip pen. When I draw using the brush tool and my pen, and then erase using the eraser on grip pen, it erases the lines, but then as soon as I place my pen on the cintiq, the lines are back. Any ideas what is causing the problem? Thanks.

This is so crazy… it is back to the same problem. I thought it was the driver problem, but it seems to be Animate Pro and Wacom. My pen works great in all other apps. Even if I use the eraser tool in animate, it automatically displays the erased lines when the pen touches the monitor.
Any ideas? I will check with wacom, but seems like other people with wacom would have this problem too.

Hi macsr4me,

I had something similar, so I thought, but was actually me just being dumb as it was a pencil not a brush line partly to blame. I read somewhere that removing any cintiq drivers and prefs, then install again can help…sure you tried that though.

Also Wacom have mentioned In some software lifting the pen results in history/undo step, but they seem to suggest it could be either interference or an iffy USB connection…

Latest drivers installed?

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Thank you, Jason. I will try removing the driver and installing again. I see that wacom has a brand new driver uploaded today. Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

Thank you, Jason. That was it. The new driver fixed the problem. :slight_smile:

Glad that worked for you , nothing more annoying than tech getting in the way of creativity :smiley: hehe

Twitter @jasonvenus

Damn, that’s a puzzler! Just curious, i assume you are running as 2 screens? Have you tried making the Cintiq the primary screen to see if you have the same problems rather than acting as the secondary display, i’m curious if that affects behaviour…

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Actually, I just have one monitor a Cintiq 21UX. It is several years old.


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