Erase line but not fill

I often draw a closed line, fill with a different color, and then want to erase part of the line but leave the fill in the original shape. Is there an easy way to do that?

Currently my technique is to use the eraser to erase part of the line. This leaves rather a messy vector outline for the fill, so I then use the Contour Editor to clean that up, which is rather tedious.

I think Flash has an erase line capability that erases only the line and leaves the fill unchanged, I guess I’m looking for something like that.


Select the Line with the Select Tool (1). Then hit the delete button.

That works for deleting the entire line but I only want to delete part of it. For example use the ellipse tool to draw an ear in black, fill in with flesh color, then delete the part of the line where the ear joins the face.

Select the Cutter Tool / hit the k-key to make the lines visible/
Cut the line-segments you would like to delete / select any of those segments / hit delete.
Hit the k-key again.

Thanks nolanscott, that’s exactly what I was looking for.