Equivalent of AfterEffects RAM preview

Does Harmony have the equivalent of AE’s RAM Preview? I’m doing previews via “Render and Play” but I find it to be a time consuming process to get real-time playback.

In the Node Library, under “misc” you can find a node called “Render Preview”. Connect that between your composite and your display nodes and it will render automatically in the camera view.
You can select the resolution of the preview and, if you don’t want it to be always rendering, you can turn it on and off easily in the timeline.

I hope that helps.

Thanks. Unfortunately I’m still on 11 and that looks to be a new feature in 12. I take it that node just eliminates the rendering process when “Render and Play” is used?

That would be a great node to have. However, I don’t see it either and
I’m in Harmony Premium. What version of Harmony do you see this node in?

It’s mentioned on page 5 of the Release Notes for 12.

Render Preview Node
A new node lets you more quickly preview effects on your screen when using OpenGL, so you can more easily test animated
effects on screen. It provides a variable quality preview of an effect, removing the need to render out to an intermediate files. This is especially useful for evaluating OpenFX plugins when you want to see the visual impact of changing individual

sorry, I’m a complete idiot.
Didn’t realize I was in v11. Opened up v12 and I see it.
Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for the tip. That’s a very useful node.

yeah render preview node is very handy. good addition.