Equis, The Alien Explorer

Hi everybody,

This is my first post, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m Julio, and I work as a CG animator in London.
Here is my latest micro animated piece:

The Last Minutes Of Equis, The Alien Explorer

Created in Animate. I hope you enjoy it.



I enjoyed it very much! Well done! Looking forward to more!

Thanks for your comments Zeb :slight_smile:
I had a look at your website, I loved the ‘Zebtoonz 2011 Cartoons’ clip, nice solid drawings there!


Thanks! I checked out your website and blog–outstanding work! The Brothers film was amazing how you got so much expression and emotion from those robots! You could tell what they were thinking just by their head and body movements. And all of your 2D stuff, really great! It’s nice to have a professional here on the forum.

I loved this. Shame there was no sound.

I really like how you got the style and it shows how you can still get that hand drawn look with animate.

hah! Love the art style, very appealing little character.
I agree that the lack of sound is a bit of a bummer… it would have added so much.
I also feel like we needed more - like him looking for a place to set down, the landing, disembarking, maybe putting a little flag down? Not to say it wasn’t working as is, but I just think it could do with some beefing up to really sell that gag at the end.

Fantastic work though!