Envelope Deformer improvements request

A) Have a button where any line/shape drawn from a polyline tool can get created an envelope deformer automatically.
Just copy the polyline with its Bezier information. There is no need for me to retracing the line to make a deformer.
This would offer something similar point level animation style that MOHO offers.

B) Have the curves automatically grouped for a clean timeline. The indentation levels get out of control quickly

C) Be able to associate an envelope deformer with a shape or group. That means the influence of the deformer should not spill outside a shape.

Solve these problems.

  1. I find the envelope deformer becomes unmanagable if all the shapes on a layer are not covered by a deformer.

For example, if only one finger of a hand had the envelope, the other fingers would get distorted.
The Influence of the points on the deformer that are placed on the shape will try to cover anything on that layer, so
you really have to re-outline everything.

I imagine there is some value to put in the influence to reduce the problem, but not eliminate it
and that gets hard to do really quickly.

  1. Editing: While trying to edit the points and bezier handles, any click outside of range drops a point down creating
    a new unwanted curve

  2. Editing: I found no way to add in a new point or delete a point.
    I understand that the deforemer tool is laying down curves, but it needs to have the capabilities of the polyline tool.

  3. Timeline: The timeline becomes a mess.