Envelope Deformation Close Contour Issues

Hey Guys

Im having issues with Envelope Deformation Close Contour when opening a rig in the tb harmony mac version 14.0.0. That was originally made in Windows tb harmony premium version 12.2.1. I’ve had this issue before when moving files between windows and mac in other versions.

When close contours is turned on in the finale curve of a envelope deformer, rather then closing the contour and joining the offset it jumps to the centre of the work space.

Any idea why?

Did you get as far as adding the deformers in Windows and are now completing construction of the rig in OS X?

I do not understand what you are communicating by showing these two images. One is apparently the extension of the curve after it has jumped to the center of the workspace. What is the other image with the character meant to convey?

Hello it was actually me who wrote the last post i was just on my colleges computer.

The rig is complete and was built in tb harmony premium 12 windows version.
All the rigs work perfectly on my windows machine but as soon as i try to open them on a Mac they go haywire. It is something to do with the “Close contours” on the final curve node on a envelope deformer. Rather then closing the envelope they seem to all be going to 0,0 of the work space (on the field guide.)

The pictures are demonstrating how on the mac the close contour is going to 0,0 rather then the offset.

Is this a version issue or a operating system issue or both.

Joleaf - I don’t have an answer for you but I was looking at your envelope deformers and that is the most advanced use I have seen of them. The tutorials I have seen are not very sophisticated. I did not even know you could do such a thing. And when I even just make a circle and deform it, the fill color will spill outside the line art.


If you have time, would you be able to share how you go about creating such an elaborate set of envelope deformers and what you are doing with all the deformers?
(1) Could you demo your rig? A little video? (2) Do you tinker with the Influence Type and Strength? (3) The bezier handles seem to always be twisted when I create my envelope and each one needs a lot of correction. Is that just normal? (4) Is there a trick to making the different chain that co-exist.

Yeh the stuff im doing is way more advanced then that. It’s got like multiple transformation switchs and things.