Envelope Creator Help

So there’s an Envelope Creator button located under the Animation tab at the top. I selected my drawing node and made an envelope, but when I look at the node view I don’t see a deformation chain node. I’m wondering what’s going on, because when I make a deformer the usual way (press the rigging tool and plot my points) it shows up in the node view. Any idea what’s happening?

Curious, not being snarky, did you read the documentation? I wonder whether anyone bothers or even knows how to look things up these days. I just look through the documentation and look at the user interface testing/experimenting with the information to answer most of the questions I respond to on the forum.

I have Harmony 20 but I have to upgrade my OS before I can run it.

Just going by the documentation, in the Envelope Creator Dialog Box I believe you must check the box for “Shape Nodes in Node View” for those to be generated. Generating those nodes is an option not an automatic result by defaut. It can become an automatic process but you first have to check that box.


See #11

“11. If you want the deformation nodes to be laid out in the Node View similarly to how their corresponding deformation points will be laid out in the Camera view, enable the Shape Nodes in Node View option. This will make it easy to visually identify which deformation point in the Camera view corresponds to which node in the Node view.”