Entire Porjects

How safe would it be to create a like say ten minute animation all on one Studio file? I read it could freeze, but I use a pc so the video files are not compatible with Movie Maker and iMovie is only for Macs. Has this happened for alot of pc users or very little? Thanks.

it’s better to break it down to 500-1000 frame movies and string them together in a video editing program… there are lots that can import .mov files and work on Windows

When I reach the size when TB starts crashing, and that will vary based upon your computers power, I start a new scene. I copy the original scene into the new scene, erase everything up until the scene went unstable, then go back to the prior scene and erase everything that exists in the subsequent scene. TB will flawlessly render scenes cut this way. And you can string many of them together. I can’t say how many, because I have never approached the limit. I post most of my stuff on you tube, technically it’s not great, but I’m learning and having fun. My channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/FlipOffResearch check it out if you wish.

Yeah I found this awesome free permanent trial for an editing software, it doesnt have much because its just a small trial but it has everything that I need and you can keep it on your computer, but it does degrate quality a litte. It hasnt been anything terrible so far.