Entire animimation gone!

I was using Harmony 12.2 and decided to save real quick. The program wouldn’t let me overwrite the original file, so i deleted the original and made a new. I continued on and mistyped a shortcut, and accidentally deleted many frames, (this happened a few seconds later) so i decided that since the undo key wouldn’t fix it, i would close it all and restart. when i closed and reopened the file, everything was blank. the frames were still there and indicated that something was drawn, but the canvas was blank. I’m freaking out and don’t want to lose 5 hours of work, please, someone help me find out if what i can do to fix this issue, or reverse my last saved file. I’d rather get rid of 30 minutes of work than 5 hours.

Luckily i was streaming and caught it all on film, please review it and see if there is a detail i may have missed: