Endless loop on saving

I found a strange problem with TBS4.5 mac:
I created a new project.
I imported a .swf file.
I tried save it and after pressing the apple+s key i got a window with written:

Saving all scene…
Scanning drawing numer xxx in progress

where xxx is the numers running in a endless loop.

It’s impossible to do anything than use Force Exit menu and nothing was saved.

I tried in a MBP15 2.2 and in a iMac 2.16 and i got the same loop.

Using Studio 4.5 / iMac G5 Intel / OSX 10.4.11

Well, works perfectly here with either “command+S” or “File/Save”
(I have imported quite a few swf-files into Studio 4 and 4.5)
Does this happen with any SWF-file…?
(maybe just this one is corrupted…?)
(where did you create this swf-file ?)


Not all .swf have this problem. It’s happen with different files but only of the same comix i found in a web site. I tried 6 files.
I can send you if it’s better.

Animate’s SwfImporter crashes importing the same files.


Not sure what exactly could be in cause… if you got the file from the internet there is always chances that it has some kind of import protection which prevent user from importing them in any software. Else then that if some unsupported feature are used in the swf file it is quite possible that our software may not understand what to do those elements.



Can i send you in private messaging the link to those files so you can check and at least fix the crash on Animate ?


You can go ahead and send the private message. I can’t promise it will work though for if the file contains stuff we are not supporting there is not much we can do for SWF format has been a proprietary format since flash 6 and we no longer have access to the new effects and such.



Perhaps semi related. Am also using a mac, for some reason when I import a png file via photoshop and try to save a project, every once in a while I’m asked to save the file twice rather than once.


Doubt it is related. The main issue was that the swf had scripting in it if I remember correctly. If you do manage to get a set way to reproduce the dual request to save let us know. Although make sure that the 2 requests are not:

1rst Do you want to save your projects.
2nd Do you want to save the library.

Since those 2 are independent of each other it is normal that you would be asked twice if you did modify some of your library folders.

Best regards,


Will do,

But they’re definitely trying to save the project files 2x. I’ve not been able to produce a regular pattern to this problem and occurs fairly randomly it seems. Will write here again if more details come up.