Enabling a 3D layer causes bugginess symbols disappear sporadically

I’m trying to use the 3d space and create a “floor” but whenever a 3d enabled layer is active in the timeline it causes all kinds of bugginess and symbols on other layers disappear! It’s really weird and I basically can’t use the 3d function now because everything goes crazy, if I hide the 3d layer everything goes back to normal.

I have one symbol that is copied out on several layers, when I enable 3d most of them disappear. Even if I test .swf they don’t render.

I’m on a Mac running animate pro 2.

Are you sure your elements are in the camera cone? Perhaps they are being obscured by other elements.

SWF is not a good format to use for testing since this format does not support all special effects. Better to use a Quicktime movie for checking your animation.