Empty file

Yesterday I was working in Stage (version 10). Before going to sleep, I save the file, close the program and turn off my laptop. Today in the morning I open the file, only to see that all my layers are gone, and that it is empty. The only thing it saved was my color palette. However, if I go to the elements folder, I see that every layer still has its folder, each with its own .tvg file (almost all of them weighing 1 KB, just one of them weighing 2 KB). What happened? Can I recover the file? This is important because my project is due tomorrow.

How did you reopen the project?

Did you navigate to a file or did it appear in your recent list and you chose it from there?

First I opened Stage and the project appeared in my recent list. Then, after seeing it was empty, I opened it from File > Open Recent. Then I tried opening it from the folder. And now I tried going to File > Open and then selecting the file. Every time with the same result.

You could try this experiment. This works if there is a backup file in the project folder. First check to see whether you have a backup copy inside your project folder. You should see the stage file and another file that closely resembles it except it has a Tilda ~ at the end. This is a backup copy. If you have a file with the Tilda ~ proceed with the following steps.

If this does not lead to better results you have not risked anything and will still have the original file folder intact.

  1. Make a copy of the project folder and its contents. Just name the folder “copy of project”
  2. Open the folder of “copy of project”.
  3. Delete the stage file.
  4. Remove the Tilda ~ from the other file. This now makes the backup file the main working file.
  5. Right-click on this new main file and open the software.

You may see the same results or you may see a saved version of the project that could be absent of the final changes you made to the project before you closed the software the last time you worked on the project.

3a. delete the .aux file
4a. remove the tilde “~” from the [projectname].aux~ file

the .xstage and .aux files go together