Email didn't exactly make my day

I paid for a full licence of Toon boom studio 8 three weeks ago. I really didn’t expect a email saying oh look if you had waited a bit you could have saved $100. pissed.

If I were in your situation, I’d be pissed too. But at least it isn’t Flash. $600 for that COMPLICATED software!!! :slight_smile:

Well, I actually read somewhere from Toon boom, (I may be wrong though), that you can get access to discounted products. Of course I may also be thinking of Autodesk (Maya and 3ds Max).

It’s not that I’m not happy with the software It just seams a bit quick to be discounting after a major release. Just my luck I guess.

Have you contacted Toon Boom directly about this? Many software developers typically offer a free update within a certain grace period in situations like this.

I have version 8 That’s not the issue. The problem I have is I paid $249 for it when it came out 3 ish weeks ago then last week they send me an email saying its now $149 for the weekend. I’ve never known a new version discounted so quickly. Its a massive middle finger to everyone who purchased when it was released.

Forget “update.” My comment remains the same: if you purchase an application at regular price and it goes on sale a few weeks later, most software developers have a grace period and will refund the difference.

So I ask once again, have you contacted Toon Boom directly about this? You may be pleasantly surprised.

I bought version 7 just days before 8 came out. I called them and they were very nice and agreed to upgrade me but would not refund me the price difference.