Email asking for personal informations update from Toon Boom

I got this email today. wondering if it is legitimate or I should change my password now?


My name is Rodrigo Del Cueto from Toon Boom Animation.

I am responsible for ensuring that our customers contact information is correct and up to date Toon Boom can better serve and communicate with you.

We would kindly ask you could reply to this e-mail with your current address and phone number so that we verify that all information is correct and if not so that we can update our current data.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns; my email address is

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Thank you
Rodrigo Del Cueto
Toon Boom Animation

i just got that email too…weird.

I got this email today. I’m not going to answer because I received a letter from ToonBoom telling me Harmony 11 was ready to be downloaded, so they obviously have my contact information.

I got the same email about an hour ago…

Same here… I figure someone from Toonboom can answer here before I email back. If not by the end of the week, I’ll call to make sure it’s legit.

Why do you assume it’s not legit? The from: address is from Toon Boom and it asks you to reply to that address (the reply-to: isn’t set for any suspicious address). So, if you reply you will be sending an email to Toon Boom.

I normally suspect when I receive an email from a company I didn’t have any relation with, when the addresses are obviously fake ( instead of, etc.), when any action is hidden behind a link or when sensitive information is asked, like your bank details.

The risk in answering this email should be limited to supplying your current phone number and email to Toon Boom.

Just called and gave them my info, the email was legit.

Icanau, I understand your question, it’s just that I am used to companies posting on their website that they will be sending emails out to ask for additional information, and with the rash of companies getting hacked lately, just want to be careful.